Candidate Site Assessment Methodology Consultation

Ended on the 10 October 2022

3. Candidate Site Assessment Process

3.1.1 It is essential that the land that gets allocated for development in the Replacement LDP meets the Replacement LDP's objectives and is capable of being developed within the Plan period. To achieve this, the LPA will undertake a comprehensive Candidate Site Assessment Process which is clear, objective, and transparent as Candidate Sites progress through it.

3.1.2 Figure1 details the different stages of the Candidate Site Assessment Process. The following sections in this document provide detail on the individual stages.

Figure 1. The Stages of the Candidate Site Assessment Process

An arrow with boxes denoting the stages of the candidate assessment process. The boxes, beginning from the tail end say "Initial Site filter", "Candidate Site Register", "Preferred Strategy Consultation (consultation on LDP Strategy and Candidate Site Register)", "Detailed Site Assessment / ISA Assessment", "Deposit Plan Consultation (Site allocations made)", "Examination - Adoption (confirmation of site allocations)"

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