Candidate Site Assessment Methodology Consultation

Ended on the 10 October 2022

5. Candidate Site Register / Preferred Strategy Consultation Stages

5.1 Candidate Sites Register

5.1.1 All of the submitted Candidate Sites will be made available to view on the LPAs webpages within what is called a 'Candidate Site Register'. The results of the initial site filter stage will also be made public as part of the publication of the Candidate Sites Register.

5.2 Preferred Strategy Consultation

5.2.1 The Candidate Site Register will be published as part of the Replacement LDP Preferred Strategy statutory consultation (May/June 2023). Any key sites to the strategy (Strategic Sites) will be published within the Preferred Strategy itself. The LPA will invite comments on both any Strategic Sites and the sites within the Candidate Site Register.

5.2.2 The Candidate Site Register will include details on the status of each site and allow easy identification of those that remain in the assessment process. The results from the initial site filtering assessment will also be published alongside the Candidate Site Register at the Preferred Strategy consultation stage.

5.3 Consultee Comments

5.3.1 Only those sites that have not been sifted out during the initial site filter stage will be consulted on with relevant consultees. This will include internal Council departments such as highways, contaminated land, land drainage and education and external organisations such as Welsh Government (WG) Highways, Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT), Natural Resources Wales (NRW), infrastructure providers, Mid Wales Fire and Rescue Service and the Health Board. This will ensure such bodies are only commenting on sites which have a reasonable chance of inclusion in the Replacement LDP. The timing of seeking comments will coincide with the Preferred Strategy consultation. However, efforts will be made to make the Candidate Sites data available at least one month before the statutory consultation commences to ensure that such bodies have the capacity to respond in a timely manner.


For instructions on how to use the system and make comments, please see our help guide.
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